Preparing to Conquer the Next Year

by Jacob Abshire on December 26, 2019

It’s here. You shouldn’t be surprised. It happens every year. Now is your chance to take the year by the horns. Don’t let February creep up on you without any intentional plans to conquer things. Don’t waste your year. Redeem it for God.

To help you get things in order, I’m suggesting you grab Conquer, a downloadable workbook designed to help you be intentional with your life. It comes with short readings and practical activities that will get you in gear.

And, while you are doing that, here are some things to do during January.

Pray for vision. I usually do this toward the end of the year. I ask God to give me clear sight of what He would have me focus on during the next year. It’s not too late for you. Start praying now for vision and see what God would direct you to do.

Pencil some goals. The workbook will help you with this. But pencil some goals down as you pray and meditate throughout the day on what the Lord has for you to do and become. Think in terms of your current season of life and the responsibilities you now have. This is a great way to start.

Plan from high. Take some time to write out some high-level plans. Maybe they will incite some goals for the year. Think in terms of how you might accomplish something at work, at home, or somewhere else. This is just an exercise to get you in the frame of mind suited for goal chunking.

Press for solitude. Be sure to have some time each day where you are away from the noise and able to let your mind rest and think creatively. Solitude is critical, especially in our day. So work it into your schedule. It is likely during these times that you will gain clarity for the year.

Now, get ready to conquer the next year.

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